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Green Clean, LLC - Coming Clean the Green Way

Crew Employs Environmentally Friendly Methods

April 20th, 2006

By: Jeff Turrentine 

Washington Post Staff Writer

...It's not easy being green, especially when you're waging war against dirt. Even those who like to think of themselves as environmentally conscious probably, albeit privately, believe that you can't rid kitchens, bathrooms, carpets and counters of the filth and bacteria that settle there without super-strong chemicals with super-long names ...

...Loren LaVoy wants to assuage those doubts. The owner of Green Clean, an environmentally friendly cleaning company based -- where else? -- in Greenbelt, swears that he and his crew can make houses and offices gleam using products that are safe, nontoxic and biodegradable...

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Why Go Green?

Daily each of us has an impact on the environment all around us. The choices that we make today influence the future that we will all share tomorrow. Green Clean, LLC has deviated from the pack in its decisions and business practices by bringing you reliable cleaning that is safe for the community in which we all live. The direction we are going reflects our commitment to making choices appropriate for our environment and our future. 

We are proud to bring you an environmentally-friendly and ethical company that is price-competitive with companies that are using less bio-friendly methods.

Loren LaVoy

President, Green Clean, LLC



 "..... I was thrilled with the job your cleaning crew did. Thanks so much. I look forward to them returning regularly!" - Shannon S.

"Thank you so much for squeezing us in the other week and making the trek out here. You all did a WONDERFUL job and we hope you'll be able to come back ....." - Kimberly H.

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