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Residential Service Manual

Using only non-toxic, biodegradable, and environmentally friendly cleaning materials Green Clean provides the following residential services:

One Time/Base Clean Visits
Intensive One Time & Base Cleaning
Move In/Out

Regular Service
Custom Frequency1,2

Regular Cleaning Duties3

          • Formal Living, Dining & Family Room Areas
          • • Dust /Vacuum Furniture
            • Clean Glass Tables
            • Vacuum & mop floors/rugs
            • Clean under couch cushions
            • Dust light fixtures, ceiling fans, lamp shades & artwork
            • Dust exposed heat registers and baseboards
            • Dust windowsills
            • Patio doors inside & out

  • Kitchen and Laundry Room
  • • Clean countertops backsplashes & baseboards
    • Clean small kitchen appliances
    • Microwave inside and out
    • Stove exterior & inside oven window
    • Refrigerator exterior, rubber seals & bottom/side air vents
    • Cabinet exteriors
    • Dishwasher & trash compactor exteriors
    • Sink, faucet & drain
    • Inside window over sink
    • Dust window sills
    • Vacuum & mop floors/rugs
    • Dust exposed heat registers & baseboards
    • Washer & dryer exteriors; inside washer lid

  • Bedrooms & Office Areas
  • • Dust furniture
    • Vacuum & mop floors/rugs
    • Make beds4
    • Dust exposed heat registers & baseboards
    • Dust light fixtures, ceiling fans, lamp shades & artwork

Master Bath

  • Tub/shower stall
  • Commode inside & out
  • Lights, mirror & counter
  • Clean cabinet exteriors
  • Paper holder/towel racks
  • Vacuum & mop floors & rugs
  • Dust exposed heat registers & baseboards

Hallway Bath

  • Tub/shower stall
  • Commode inside & out
  • Lights, mirror & counter
  • Clean cabinet exteriors
  • Paper holder/towel racks
  • Vacuum & mop floors & rugs
  • Dust exposed heat registers & baseboards

Half Bath

  • Commode inside & out
  • Lights, mirror & counter
  • Clean cabinet exteriors
  • Paper holder/towel racks
  • Vacuum & mop floors & rugs
  • Dust exposed heat registers & baseboards

Entry, Exit, Stairwell, Hallway

  • Dust furniture
  • Dust light fixtures, lamp shades and artwork
  • Vacuum & mop floors
  • Dust exposed heat registers & baseboards

Rotational Tasks

  • These tasks are typically completed on a rotational basis, depending on the needs in your home from visit to visit, or we will select these tasks based on an area or room of concentration.

  • Move and clean under furniture
  • Edge carpets
  • Clean unexposed heat registers/baseboards
  • Cobweb patrol
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Wash artwork/light fixtures
  • Wash window frames
  • Wash door frames
  • Polish kitchen cabinets
  • Wash kitchen baseboards/splashboards
  • Polish bathroom cabinets

Extra Task Assignments

The following services may be available with prior advance notice and at anadditional charge. These items are not considered every time cleaning tasks.

  • Polish furniture
  • Wash windows inside
  • Wash walls & ceilings
  • Empty, wipe, and replace books and items on shelves
  • Empty, wipe, and replace items inside cabinets and/or hutches
  • Remove shoes, etc. from closets, vacuum and replace
  • Clean inside medicine chests
  • Vacuum drapes
  • Clean ornate chandeliers
  • Remove ashes from fireplace
  • Strip, remove and replace floor wax
  • Clean inside oven; Please run self-cleaners the night before
  • Clean inside refrigerator

Service Limitations

We pride ourselves on providing complete cleaning services to our customers, and will fill as many special requests as possible. However there are certain tasks that we have decided, either for legal or safety reasons, not to do. We have listed most of these below but ask that if you have a special request that you clear that through the office prior to your scheduled service.

List of service limitations:

  • Operate your motor vehicle for any reason
  • Throw circuit breakers or replace fuses
  • Permit other service people such as cable repair men, pet sitter/walker, unsupervised children, and so forth access to the home while we are servicing it.
  • Feed Pets
  • Access your phone or answering machine
  • Exchange keys with anyone other than the previously agreed person

Hours of operation

We generally provide services between 09:00 am and 05:00 pm Monday thru Friday. The administration office is typically open between the hours of 07:30 am and 05:00 pm Monday through Friday. We can be contacted any time via email and voice mail.

Inclement weather

During inclement weather we will make every attempt to get a crew to your home, but from time to time this may not be possible. In the event that we are unable to get a crew to your home on a scheduled day we will contact you.


We ask you to inform trustworthy neighbors, neighborhood watch organizations, relatives and anyone else that may be keeping an eye on your home for you that we will be at your home cleaning on the scheduled cleaning days. Doing so can save the police department, neighbors and the housecleaner from an embarrassing situation. 

Please notify us in advance (a few days is ideal) of any person or people who may be in your home during the time of a scheduled service.  This includes family members, service contractors, repair personnel, and so forth.  We reserve the right to reschedule visits that coincide with a visit by another service contractor or houseguest.


We advise all clients that will be utilizing our service to schedule these services on a recurring basis, if this is not possible we request that you contact us by 10:00 Friday for the following week.  Please note that all services are scheduled on a first come first serve bases, and every attempt will be made to accommodate your request.

We can at times accommodate unplanned requests if we have a cancellation. However, we can rarely do so with less that twenty –four hours’ notice.


We request that if you need to cancel that you notify us at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Cancellations with less than 24 hour notice will be charged $50.


All payments should be made at the time of services by check, cash or money order. If you do not plan to be home during our service please leave payment in a sealed envelope on your kitchen counter.

            Late Payments/Returned Check Charges

If payment is not made at time of service it is considered late and subject to a $25 late payment fee, plus 2% interest on the balance every 30 days until payment is made.

We will charge a $35 fee on all returned checks.

***** Please do not put notes for the cleaning crews in the sealed envelope, they will not be opening the envelopes.


Most of our customers leave a key to their home at our office, and we take extreme measures to protect each key. We assign every customer key a security code and store it in a fireproof key safe. Crew leaders will be issued your key the day of your scheduled cleaning, and then return it to the safe by the end of the day. No identifying information is ever put on any key. Also for your safety, we do not return keys by mail. All keys will be returned in person, and only turned over to the contact person.

If you have an alarm system at your home and it is simple to operate, you can give instructions on its operation to the office. However, if your alarm system is complicated, we prefer that your alarm be left off on the day of the cleaning, if possible we will set alarm when leaving your home.

We do a complete background check on all of our crew members.


Also for security reasons we will not allow access for other service people such as cable repair men, pet sitter/walker, etc.

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